Still Time to Join: New PPL Classroom Course Starts on 14.09.2020

Carried out by Aéro-Sport’s own flying school LFTA, the next PPL classroom theory course starts on Monday 14.09.2020 at 18:00h with an introduction at our premises. Courses will be held:

every Monday 19:00-21:30h
every Wednesday 19:00-21:30h
every second Thursday 19:00-21:30h.
There are no courses during school or public Holidays.
We have prepared all courses such that COVID-19 hygiene measures are fully respected.
Alternatively, you may also choose to follow our certified On-Line training course.
It doesn’t matter if you just want to take your family and friends on a sightseeing flight in a small single engine aircraft or if you are aiming for a professional career as an airline pilot, Aéro-Sport’s Luxembourg Flight Training Academy provides all the training, from private pilot license to all the courses required to join the professional world of aviation.
Download detailed Information, fill in the application form (EnglishFrançais) and contact us for more information and registration.

Join us

Come and see us at the club house and get an introduction to one of mankind’s oldest dreams – flying! Initiation flights can be arranged by our Office. Learning and flying at AERO-SPORT asbl can be your starting point for a career as a professional pilot. Many pilots who received their initial training at our club, are today successful professional pilots in Luxembourg and elsewhere.

Become a member! Download detailed Information, fill in the application form (EnglishFrançais) and send it to the Club Office.

VFR / IFR Refresher Programme

UPL/AOPA Luxembourg and Aéro-Sport/LFTA present a VFR / IFR refresher training programme to improve flight safety in abnormal situations like – Partial Panel – Engine Failure – Hot and High conditions – Bad weather – System failures etc. Use the FNPTII Simulator to stay current and well prepared for the flying season! Two hour sessions with two pilots each will be organised, with one hour per pilot flying and one hour observing. In addition, briefing and debriefing is included. Register here, dates are by appointment. Location: LFTA FNPTII Simulator at the Cargolux premises in the “Lorang” Building.