Our Aircraft

We have a fleet of 13 reliable and well maintained aircraft:

1 Fully refurbished Piper PA28RT the latest acquisition to our fleet
(200 HP, IFR, autopilot, Garmin G500TXI, complete suite of Garmin avionics, retractable gear, turbo-charged, constant speed propeller)

1 Tecnam P2010
(180 HP, IFR, autopilot, Garmin G1000 all glass avionics, constant speed propeller)

2 Cessna 172S
(180 HP, IFR, autopilot, Garmin G1000 all glass avionics)

3 Cessna 172
(160 HP)

1 Cessna 182
(235 HP, IFR, autopilot, constant speed propeller)

4 Piper PA28-161
(160 HP)

1 Twin engine Piper PA44
(2×180 HP, IFR, autopilot, retractable gear, constant speed propellers)

All aircraft are equipped with PBN capable Garmin GPS navigation systems.
For simulator training and check-outs, LFTA’s newly installed state-of-the art Flight training devices Alsim AL250 and Alsim AIRLINER are used.

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