Save the Dates: Rallys Aerosport / AOPA 2023

On September 16th the annual Aéro-Sport Rally is organized, not limited to Aéro-Sport members only. The annual AOPA rally is organized on September 23rd.

All pilots are invited to participate. Each crew consists of maximum two crew members. The task comprises navigation, precision landing, observation (identification of photos), theoretical questions and special tasks. There are bonus points when one crew member is student pilot or passenger. The distance to fly will be approximately 100 NM. Aéro-Sport aircraft are reserved already.

Both rallies count for the national championship. To participate in this championship a sport license is required. To get a sports license you have to be resident in Luxembourg for more than three years. The sport license is issued by FAL and is free of charge. Application form is attached.
Download the registration forms with the links below:

Bernard Frechen

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